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We have about 25 sites, 8 are what it's all based on. We offer far superior services at half the price of our competitors.



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Check out this great video made by our design firm displaying Renderforest.com's video creator. You will find a link for more information on our friends at Renderforest.com.


Check out this great video of Integrated Hosting Development product services. This is digital and video marketing done by Integrated Marketing Development.

About Us

We build businesses and we change lives.


Our company was founded and is currently operated   by developers. Funny thing about developers they see from the outside looking in. What they saw were major problems in our field. There were not enough companies looking out for the starving business man.everythings were and are so expensive. See now that's s problem that starving business man we spoke of, well he doesn't have 5 or 600 up front for a site. The way that companies were charging just as much as they could for every little thing frustrated us. We made a vow. Our company will never take advantage of anyone over a little cash. It's just not worth all the bad karma to take advantage of people. We will always strive to supply the best products and services at a fair price. One that we can both live with. We got so deep into our web love affair that we started all these companies thinking we could change a few things in the world. Well we still have that dream today so want you come join us and let's dream toge

How we got started and where we are now.

An in house digital marketing design by our team. Integrated Website Development has all sorts of cr

We have web dev and full hosting companies. Then there are 4 major app dev companiestoo.Another 12 ecommerce busi About 4 or 5 years ago I built my first site. It was so scary and hard. I almost gave up. I kept pushing though and finally made it.

Who you gonna call? Not ghostbusters, call us.


From the very beginning of this journey we're on we knew we had to make dev accessible to everyone, not just coders. We started it all with a vision tht became a dream and we fought tooth and nail until it became a reality. 


Services II



Each one of our 8 major dev companies offers fully integrated hosting options for our clients. We have all kinds of hosting plans. Some are very inexpensive and are more for the smaller site designer. Alot of our business is from developers and we have premium packages to assist them in fulfilling their clients every need. Then we also have our premium plans that come with everything that it takes to start and maintain a business for one low monthly payment. Any one of these plans is amazing and very affordableSpeak to a team member today and let us help you decide which is best for your dreams to come true.



We are a website dev company. That's why we got started and that's what we know. We know that people work better or worse depending on the tools they've been given. That's why we offer so many different sitebuilders, editors, and page builders. You can choose from a huge selection of hosting options and website companies. We also offer a wide array of add on features, mostly free, to illuminate your potential. Each site company has wizards or guides to help you along quickly and smoothly as well. Also we have 1000's of pro templates to choose from to enhance your sites. Then there is training in the form of tutorials and videos

App dev


Somewhere along the way we decided to try our hand at app dev. Microsoft offered us a partnership for app dev with Azure. Then they offered us a job with their Power Apps division. If that wasn't cool enough we also got an offer from Google for partnership as app dev. One day I asked our CEO Kayla Bennett what she thought about starting our own app dev companies, although we still partner with the ones that got us here. Now we have many different app builders on the market. most with over 40 themes. Some with fully integrated web dev platforms right on the app. You can get domains, hosting, sitebuilders, design, and marketing



When I built my first site I was so proud. I had finally achieved my goal. What I didn't know was that I was probably the only one on the web that would ever see it. I didn't understand SEO and page placement or analytics. Well I've come a long way since then. We offer sites with SEO services built right in. Then we have extra options as well. Everything we offer is directly related to SEO. Your site has options. We then offer search engine marketingWe offer social media marketing complete with digital designs. Next we offer email marketing solutions. We even offer video marketing services along with full video production. Automatic insertion onto YouTube and Vimeo instantly free of charge. We partner with the best marketing agencies in the world to offer a wider selection of services. We also have our own in house marketing team that can design and develop any strategy and see it through to fullfillment. Our services are half as much as other firms. 50,000 search engine views, unlimited social media posts, unlimited email marketing, unlimited video posts. All for pennies on the dollar.


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Site Services

Site Design


I am a site designer. I get in line with your vision and i start designing the absolute most creative and functional site imaginable. 

Website Security

This image describes our SSL security 

and many other forms of security for a 


This image describes our Website security that we offer in the form of SSL and others 

Superior Technology

This image describes our advanced software that enhances the sitebuilding experience.

This image describes our advanced software technology that we offer to enhance your site.

App development


This image depicts our brand new app builder. We call her Smarty.Over 40+ themes and 75 elements.

Digital Marketing


This image displays our digital marketing and video production services.

Integrated Marketing


This represents our fully integrated marketing platform. Search engine, social media, email, video.


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Hosting Plans


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Digital Marketing Video

  • A video designed for marketing Integrated Website Development. It has hosting, sitebuilders, site design, digital marketing, app builders, apps, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing . A fully integrated web Development and hosting company.

My Blog

My blog is strictly for passing on knowledge to clients about things i've experienced and maybe what not to do. I will not post any gossip or rumors. This blog is for  professionals. Please have a blessed day. Remember, be creative every 

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